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Dubai Multi Commodities Center

Dubai Multi Commodities Center - (abbreviated DMCC), founded in 2002 by royal decree, is the fastest growing Free Zones in UAE. Exchange market si the infrastructure that brings together a number of different activities related to the goods and raw materials, and is also designed to provide appropriate services to all market participants.
Up to date, there are over 5500 companies listed in this Free Zone, which is focused on trade with the following types of products: tea, cotton, diamonds, gold, pearls, finance, real estate. Moreover, the Free Zone also registered companies providing related services, such as restaurants, shops, beauty salons, etc.

• Services for the promotion and development of entrepreneurship. Creation of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, the Dubai Pearl Exchange, Center for tea trade, Dubai Cotton Centre. You can use special storage for gold and diamonds (Kimberley process office works to track for you that the diamond are not from conflicts). A special program on finance and loans.
• Services to real estate. Dubai Multi Commodities Center site owned 200 acres of land on which there are many skyscrapers with offices and residential apartments that you can buy or rent.

• Commodities license - a license that allows you to work in areas related to the various types of products (cotton, gold, pearls, oil, various kinds of raw materials, etc.)
• Non-commodities license - a license that allows you to work in areas not, related to the goods (service, retail, marketing, advertising, consulting, etc.).

Types of companies:
• FZE - a company in the Free Zone founded by an individual(s);
• FZC - company in the Free Zone, where the sharehoder is a corporate entity;
• FCB (Foreign Company Branch) - a foreign company branch.

Registration procedure
It is required to register a company share capital, which amount depends on the type of business and many other factors. Registration of the company and the license will take minimum six weeks.

Key benefits to set up a business in DMCC:
• 100% foreign ownership of the business;
• No tax on income and profits;
• Free repatriation of capital and profits - without any restrictions;
• Internationally accepted laws and regulatory processes;
• Fully transparent working environment, in line with best international practice;
• Modern and efficient means of transport, communications and Internet infrastructure.

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